Find A reason why to write a blog📚

Find A reason why to write a blog📚

Writing a blog is not just a hobby, but it opens up a lot of opportunities.


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Many people have asked me why I started writing a blog when I first began doing so. For me, the motivation was that I enjoy sharing my knowledge with people and want to demonstrate what I know and can accomplish in some way.


If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write. - Martin Luther

Many computer science students struggle to explain themselves, and by that, I don't mean in a professional manner, but rather in a way that the general reader can understand what they're trying to say.

I'm aware that this is a challenging assignment. However, we can enhance this by writing articles.

Blogging has the added benefit of allowing us to learn a language by writing in it. It increases our visibility in the computer world (many people say that when he started writing a blog, he got more job offers than before writing).


It enables us to track our progress. In a sense, we're demonstrating what we know and can do, since if we want to write a good post, we need to know what we're talking about.


You just take a pen and paper (or a computer and Word; I prefer Notion) and begin writing (typing) about the subject we wish to share.

Well, sessions aren't so simple because you're instantly troubled by ideas of what others will think about it, and this article, in my opinion, isn't worth addressing...

The first lesson I learned about writing is that we should write for ourselves, not for others. There would be fewer overall bloggers than there are today if everyone dealt with these difficulties.


When it comes to launching a blog, you have two options: utilize a specialized writing platform or get your own domain and web hosting and start from scratch.

Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages.

Using a platform

We are familiar with a number of platforms on which we can publish our blog posts. Medium, DevTo, and Hashnode are a few of them...

All of these platforms allow other people who are interested in the topic to see our articles.

Because all platforms are quite popular, your posts have a good chance of being discovered by a large number of people.

Most platforms are SEO-friendly, helping search engines such as Google and Bing to rank that content higher. However, the platform's most important features are generally free of charge.

I would recommend Hashnode as a fantastic platform for creating articles because it is quite adaptable. It's definitely worth a look. We can use our own domain with a free SSL certificate provided by this platform, and we can basically set up a totally personal blog.

Setup own blog

However, if we choose the first choice, we will have a lot more work to do. We must first purchase a domain (Hashnode and Medium provide a free subdomain), and then we must pay for site hosting. After we've completed this, we'll need to pick which CMS we'll utilize (WordPress, Jommla ...) or create our own platform for writing.


Now that we've got a basic blog up and running, it's time to start attracting readers. In my experience, it gets stuck here since fresh blogs are hard to come by.

The benefit of creating our own blog from the scratch is that we are not limited by settings and also can customize it to our taste.

Advantages of blog writing

Many people have negative attitudes toward writing and reading. Each day, though, we write and read. Do you ever write down a task on a piece of paper? Do you create your shopping list by hand? However, we read at every turn. As a result, I don't see why you shouldn't start a blog.


We could not only help people by writing a blog, but we can also demonstrate our skills to potential employers.

Since starting the blog, I've received several invitations to participate and contribute to various platforms.

Since starting my blog, I've begun utilizing a lot more social media platforms. At the same time, I recognized that, if we knew how to utilize social media correctly, we can harness immense potential.

Individuals who have read my writings continue to inspire me to write all of their postings. Chris Bongers, Victoria Lo, Estee Tey are some of those.

Several companies nowadays value good product documentation. With a blog, we may demonstrate that we can write on a specific topic.

At the same time, writing a blog can make money in a very simple way. Some additional ideas in the article How to make money as a blogger the easy way.


All it takes is the desire to create a blog for every one of us. This may most likely appear to be a pointless task at first, but with time and dedication, it will become simpler and, most likely, profitable.

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