Must know platforms for networking as a computer science geek

Must know platforms for networking as a computer science geek


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For some time now, I have been a user of two interesting networking platforms, especially for people in the world of computing.


Each of us is many things at once, a friend, a programmer, a tech writer, a speaker, a podcast maker ... and we want to show this work in some way. This is made possible by PolyWork. A platform that is a mix between LinkedIn and Twitter.

My personal PolyWork site

If LinkedIn focuses only on our work title and education, we have as much freedom with PolyWork as we have on Twitter. We can write our entire resume. We can show all our presentations, blog posts, podcast episodes …

The best thing about PolyWork for me are the badges that have many features. They allow us to showcase our work, connect with people with the same badge. Within each badge, however, there are different tags that allow you to display activities within the badge. In case you can't find a suitable badge, you have the option to create your own.

PolyWork is divided into two parts. Multiverse where the most popular people, other users activities and the most popular badges are displayed, and much more.

PolyWork's Multiverse

The second part is Space Station, but, allows us to find people open to any activity. For example, if you are looking for someone to test your application, you will be able to find someone in the People available for beta testing products category. Of course, we have the opportunity to contact and connect with each user.

PolyWork's Space Station

One of the best features is that we can have our PolyWork site on our own domain.

You see for yourself what PolyWork has to offer.

My PolyWork site


ShowCase is a platform designed for programmers. After all, we can show our programming skills and connect with other programmers.

My ShowCase profile

We can show our tech stack (what tools, programming languages and databases we know how to use), current and previous jobs, various certificates and we can show the best projects from our GitHub.

But that's not all.

There are also communities where users can share their experiences, knowledge ... There is a community for everyone to take part in.

ShowCase communities

ShowCase also has the ability to write short posts like Twitter.

It also has the ability to write longer posts called Shows in which we can show our work.

Blank Show page

I find the app very elegant and useful.

My ShowCase profile

Currently, these two platforms do not allow immediate registration. To gain access, you have two options to wait or get an access code.

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I don’t advertise on any platforms but present them.

Tip: I have some codes for PolyWork, if you want you can write to me in DM on my Twitter account.

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