Top 5 NuxtJS modules for your next project [2022 edition]

Top 5 NuxtJS modules for your next project [2022 edition]


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NuxtJs is a JavaScript framework based on the VueJS framework. It enables us to develop both static and server-side rendered pages. It appears to be a fantastic enhancement to Vue.js. I even developed a mobile app for my school using NuxtJS as a research project this week, and I think it's a fantastic framework. Vue 3 was released a few months ago, and it offers a lot of new features. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to do so soon.

I hope you will try NuxtJS.


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We'd want to bring the website closer to the user today. One possibility is to persuade a visitor to return to our website so that they may download it and use it as a conventional desktop program.

We can use progressive web apps technology to aid us here since it allows us to install on the device.

We can utilize a pre-written module that handles practically all of the work for us if we want to construct a progressive web application using NuxtJS.


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Website localization has become commonplace, allowing users to have a far superior user experience than viewing a page in a foreign language.

The NuxtJS framework provides a module that allows us to convert our site into additional languages with less effort. We can create a website in several languages with only a few lines of code using it.


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Data is often received by the interactive site via API calls and other internet services.

Axios is a well-known JavaScript library for implementing HTTP requests in the browser.

In addition to performing HTTP requests, the Axios library for NuxtJS allows us to write our functions.


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Content banner However, when we use the JAM stack to create our blog, we can use the Content module for NuxtJS. Its primary role is to convert Markdown files to HTML, but the module provides even more functionality, such as searching for articles in the same way as MongoDB does, highlining code, and so on.

The content module is ideal for generating blogs and website documentation.


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User login and identification functions are now available in almost every program. This procedure is straightforward in NuxtJS since the Auth module makes it easier for us. Simultaneously, it enables us to construct a login using pre-configured OAuth 2 providers, however, we may also create our providers.



I hope this article has helped you decide which NuxtJS modules to utilize in your next project. Visit this website for more modules and be sure to discover something that interests you.

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